CloudTech Auto SEO Services

This Is Our Complete Done-For-You Monthly SEO Service

We know à la carte search engine services aren’t for everyone. We get it. Sometimes you just want it done for you. And done right.

In our Auto Service, we continually provide our search engine optimization services throughout the month to move you up the ranks and keep you there. We only use link types that we have determined to consistently outperform others. The concentration is on high TF/CF/DA links, social signals, and quality over quantity. We constantly monitor your rankings and provide what you need to get to the top … and stay there!

We utilize a tiered, funnel approach to link building and SERP momentum. We first build high-quality Web 2.0 properties, which acts as a shield to protect your money site. These contain 100% unique, hand-written content. A full 80% or our link building efforts are aimed at this shield. We then continue to build several of these shields around your site as the month progresses. These shields are the best way to protect your site, as a leg can be cutt-off or re-directed at any time. The Web 2.0 becomes the first tier, with many tiers behind it supplying SERP juice.

Our high quality TF/CF/DA links will point directly to your money site. This is the only way to rank!

A collapsed, graphical representation would look like this:

CloudTechSEO ranking diagram

Here’s what you get:

  • Our Top Ten Analysis Performed Quarterly
    * 50+ page report comparing your site to others in your niche.
  • Web 2.0 buffer sites
    * High Quality 100% unique Web 2.0s built around your site acting as a buffer/shield.
  • High TF/CF/DA home page links – the real magic!
    * Contextual links on low OBL sites relevant to your niche.
  • Press Release Submission
    * Professional Press Release with hundreds of high-quality news sites pointing to your money site.
  • Social Bookmarks
    * Multiple hundreds of bookmarks in multiple tiers pointing to your Web 2.0s.
  • Wiki/.edu Links
    * Multiple hundreds of Wiki and .edu links in multiple tiers pointing to your Web 2.0s.
  • Document Sharing Links
    * Valuable document sharing links in multiple tiers pointing to your Web 2.0s.
  • Social Signals
    * Great mix of Facebook, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and Tweets.

We apply the links in our advanced funnel style using multiple IPs and UserAgents, all built over time giving them a 100% natural appearance due to link velocity and zero footprints. A portion of the links are nofollow, while the majority are dofollow. In addition, all links are drip fed through RSS aggregators and our link indexing accounts to ensure they provide maximum benefit to your site.

For very competitive niches, Plus and Deluxe services can be used on a lesser number of domains.

* We reserve the right to alter the contents of the monthly service in order to maintain peak performance of your site rankings.

** No pharma, adult, gambling or hate sites permitted.


Domains to Rank

Top 10 Analysis

Web 2.0's

This is the Magic!

High TF/CF/DA Links

Press Release Submission

Document Sharing links,

Social Bookmarks,

Wiki Links, and .EDU links

Social Signals Power Mix

StumbleUpon Likes,

Delicious, Pinterest Pins,

Facebook Likes, Shares and Tweets



per month

1 Domain

 3 Keywords




Multiple Tiers

1 Pack



(SAVE $200)

3 Domains

9 Keywords




Multiple Tiers

3 Packs

Best Value!



(SAVE $500)

7 Domains

21 Keywords




Multiple Tiers

7 Packs